All You Need to Know About Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome is the newest browser that is available for people to use on the internet, and the 'next big thing' in terms of add-ons and applications will be Google Chrome extensions. When Chrome was first released, it was extremely fast and had many features which internet users had been looking for a long time.

The browser market, however, is already dominated by two major organizations – Microsoft and its Internet Explorer software and Mozilla with Firefox. You can also visit if you wan to accelerate adoption with the salesforce chrome extension.

Image Source: Google

How was Google going to position itself in this already slightly saturated market? They went for optimization of their code, making what is sometimes called slow (the browser) and making it lightning fast. They realized that the everyday user online cares only for retrieving information quickly, and that boot-up speed and flexibility was a big factor for people when surfing online.

The launch of Chrome is a great fanfare, but after a few months they are experiencing problems through the level of 5% in terms of overall users. So what is the reason that people do not try and then sticking with Chrome? The answer is customization.

The main advantage of Internet Explorer on competition in the browser market several obvious shady tactics that Microsoft employs more than twenty years in terms of providing their own browser in a new installation of the operating system, Windows.

This practice has since been challenged in courts around the world, and MS have been forced to pay huge sums of compensation to certain companies, and indeed may be due to the bankruptcy of many, many others.