The Different Recreational Vehicle Types

It's springtime once again, an ideal season to take the family on a camping tour. The problem is, you don't have your own recreational vehicle (RV), and you are not sure what to choose among the many types that are offered by RV dealers.

Whether you buy new or used, it helps to know the basics about RVs to come up with a good decision on what to purchase. To know about top rated rv rentals in San Diego, CA you can search the browser.

Recreational vehicles can be classified into three general categories: motorhomes, campers, and trailers.

Each general category can be broken down into more specific vehicle types. Each type of recreational vehicle has its own advantages and limitations.

The type of recreational vehicle you purchase will be greatly influenced by your needs, activities, and the number of people that may go with you on the trip.

Motorhomes – Motorhomes are self-contained units that offer living accommodation combined with a vehicle's engine. This type of recreational vehicle allows you to be "inside the home" while you drive down the road.

Motorhomes are categorized as Class A, B, and C. Class A, or integrated motorhomes, are often the most luxurious of the three types.

It is constructed on bus or truck chassis and offers a wide view of the road while driving. Class B, or campervans, are usually smaller than Class A types and are usually built on a van's chassis.

Class C, or alcove motorhomes, are generally lower in height than a Class A. Campers – Campers are recreational vehicles mounted over pickup trucks. They can be easily dismounted from the carrying vehicle.