Working Principle of Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers

All automatic safety pool cover system has the same basic design that consists of flexible cover material, roll-up drum, the tracking system with ropes taking a roll and a powertrain.

Featured on the cover material is achieved by turning the swimming pool of a drum roll on the wrapping cover while pulling cover to the pool is done by turning away from a set of coils that wrap around strap closing in.

Ropes and cover running material through the multi-channeled are having a pulley at one end. Ropes then threaded through a pulley system that routes them to the rope to take the roll. You can find custom retractable pool enclosures for indoor-outdoor pools from various online sources.

North York Ontario Pool Enclosure glass walls

There are two basic powertrains for the swimming pool cover automatic safety system; the first is the gear motor and the second electric driven into the hydraulic fluid driven.

Driven electric motor: This type of system is driven by a number of brands and sizes of electric gear motors are placed at the end of the drive mechanism. The gear motor turns in the desired direction of travel cover.

Switching directions is achieved by a simple set of single-dog reverse gear and two canine teeth. An adjustable torque limiting device used to limit the stress on the system at the end of the travel blanket and acts as a sensor to stop.

Electric motors used by manufacturers today are designed specifically for this application and completely submersible, so water damaged motorcycle has become a thing of the past.