Powder Coating – The Decline of Liquid Coating

Powder coating is a type of application that involves spraying a free flowing dry powder onto the parts. The portions are then sent through the oven and the powder is heated or cured to create a skin-like coating.

It differs from traditional wet paint applications in that there is no solvent to bond the layers together and hold them in a liquid form. Instead, the powder is electrostatically charged and is usually applied with a spray gun. You can look for the best automated turn-key powder coating booths online.

There are many new companies advertising online that sell low-cost alternatives to brand name products. These companies often don't have the experience, financial resources or technical expertise to offer equipment that will be a sound investment for your shop.

The advantage

The powders used do not emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs, making them better for the environment and safer for the end user. The coating can be applied more densely than traditional liquid coatings without sagging or flowing.

The excess spray can be reused if the cartridge cartridges are used. In fact, this system allows users to use almost 100% of the coverage. The total cost of running and purchasing a powder coating system is lower than traditional liquid conduits. Finally, it is more versatile and allows special effects on liquid coating options.

Powder coating is the emerging force to create a coating. More and more companies are moving from liquid paint to powder lines for reasons of cost, safety and overall efficiency.