Malaysian Foods – Mee Rebus

Malaysian cuisine has become the most popular cuisine on the planet for their distinctive taste. Neighborhood community is a major fan of its tasty cuisine. The people are just would love to come Malay to flavor its food. The exact healthful and special recipes are observed in Malay.

The Spice dishes are extremely apatite. Mee Rebus is among these famous dishes, that can be counted quite wealthy and popular for its passionate taste. You can try the best seafood in Singapore online from

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Mee Rebus is a Noodles dish. It is very famous in Indonesian Malaysia and Singapore. Its significance in English is boiled noodles. This dish is quite healthful and served hot.

Its one greatest companion is satay, that’s the very best mix of Mee Rebus.

This tasty and aromatic meals has Varity of mix where it could be served as with green chillies, Chinese sausage, shallots etc..

In very ancient time cellular sell it . They’ve a cooker and a pan in which there they functioned sexy. They are available now also in tiny cities of Penang. Nowadays it’s also called Mee Jawa.

The Way to create Mee Rebus

  1. Before cooking settle garnishing and inhale additionally prepare sausage.
  2. Pore the onion to pain and include prawn and garlic, then add peanut and coriander paste.
  3. Mix it then add curry powder and cook it until the odor begins.
  4. Now add inventory, sugar and meat and let it boil. After boiling add mashed potatoes and salt to taste.
  5. Boil the noodles and drain it into cool water.
  6. In the past blend all things in pain and cook it for 5 minutes then remove the warmth.
  7. Garnish it with herbs and crushed peanuts.
  8. When beginning serving include bean sprouts, in person bowl.
  9. Pore the sauce sexy inside and serve it!