How Will You Know If You Are HIV Positive?

Honestly, getting, or has HIV is the most stressful and embarrassing one can find the situation. Although the disease has been exhibited in many media programs based on the TV and on the internet, there are a lot of people are still unaware of HIV and its effects on the body.

In this connection, it is recommended that active individuals need to take an HIV test. You can visit a doctor at a local clinic or buy a reliable testing device such as an Elisa assay kit. To know about elisa kits visit

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus is a disease that gradually destroys the human immune system. According to WHO (World Health Organization), HIV is now considered a pandemic. Before the discovery in 1981, HIV has killed 25 million people or nearly 0.6 percent of the world population.

You might think that HIV and AIDS are the same, but actually they are not. To explain clearly, HIV is a virus that belongs to the group known as retroviruses. Now, after the virus is spread and proliferate throughout the body, the doctor will then classify as AIDS.

How does the doctor know if you're HIV positive?

First and foremost, the doctor will perform a series of tests. This test will determine whether you have HIV infection. After that, your blood will be tested using the Elisa kit. Or ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test is a biochemical technique used in immunology. This test is done to determine the chemical reactions in the body.

After testing positive for HIV, your blood will be tested once again this time using western blot testing devices. If the test Elisa and western blot test are both positive, then you are diagnosed with HIV.