Optimized order execution center for e-commerce

In retail, online marketing is the only channel that achieves maximum exposure and market share in total retail sales. According to Forrester, an independent research firm, e-commerce sales were more than $ 200 billion in 2011 and are expected to grow to $ 327 billion in 2016.

The following are the main areas that online retailers should focus on to optimize Order Center services in their e-commerce business:

Optimized order execution center for e-commerce

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Speed: Optimizing the time it takes to deliver products is a critical factor in increasing the efficiency of central order fulfillment services. Online customers expect the same instant gratification from online purchases as they do when buying at a physical store.

Because online customers expect fast delivery of purchased items, some online retailers have introduced the same day or next day delivery at no additional cost. Fast delivery of goods like this is a factor that differentiates e-commerce order fulfillment services.

Here are suggestions online retailers can apply to optimize the fast delivery of product orders:

Order center location: The location of the order center for the online product has a significant effect on product delivery. Online retailers need to analyze geographic areas that generate additional demand for online sales.

Synchronization system: Online retailers require real-time access to data for all subsystems, including order management services, warehouse management systems, and supply chain management systems. Reduce delays in order execution, packaging, delivery, and final product delivery.

Order Management: The online retailer has to define order settings based on the order management system and warehouse management system. You can specify priorities based on the estimated delivery time and the time it will take for the delivery order.