Interested In Playing Rooftop Agility In Runescape?

It has been almost a week after the vote of the rooftop Agility courses. It's gratifying to see that players are interested in this update. Each roof leaping agility will be a course that runs the rooftops of a city. 

Numerous agility obstacles are set to prevent players from leaping smoothly. With bravery and tactics, players can overcome the obstacles. Moreover, players can purchase old institution RuneScape gold from RS in order to enjoy more pleasure in the Runescape. Now let's have a comprehensive understanding of this agility course first.

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What does agility mean to you?

Players will be blocked to complete the agility courses, each time they are confronted with tough courses, it needs players to show their talents to solve the existing difficulties. Meanwhile, each time obstacles are completed, they will be awarded agility XP. 

That means when players have completed the whole course, they will receive a bonus amount of XP. The failure of an obstacle will fall them to the streets below and they need to restart the course again.

The XP rates are not necessarily needed to use in the existing agility courses, although at some levels they may be more beneficial to the rooftop courses. 

Along with the agility courses, if players are lucky enough, they can find a Mark of Grace to collect. They can trade the sweet presents at the Rogues Den for a brand new outfit for themselves or to their friends.