Sodium Hydroxide – A Low-Cost But Valuable Substance

Commercially available in solid forms such as pellets, chips and sticks, or in solutions of various concentrations, sodium hydroxide is a relatively cheap but efficient substance that is used by different industries. In addition to cheap existence, another advantage of using such chemicals is that it is both easy to detect and discard. It is known under other names such as caustic soda, alkali, soda lye, caustic white, and sodium hydrate. You can find sodium hydroxide for sale on 

One of the main contributions of caustic soda is in the production of paper, especially in breaking down lignin in wood. Lignin holds the cellulose fibres together in a timber. Its removal then allows the freed cellulose fibres to form into the paper. Another common usage of these substances is in the production of chemicals. It is usually used in the scrubbing of off-gas, control of pH and acid neutralization.

Its importance in petroleum and natural gas, on the other hand, is that it is used to remove acidic contaminants in the oil and gas processing. This substance is also valuable in the manufacture of household cleaners such as drain cleaners and oven cleaners. When cleaners contain sodium hydroxide, they tend to convert fats, which most clogged pipes contain, into soap.

The heat that is produced when the substance dissolves in water also helps melt the clog. Moreover, it is used as a cleaner in wineries and breweries. The cleaning process, basically, is that it is added to water, heated, and then it is made use of to clean big stainless steel tanks where wine is fermented or beer is brewed. 

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