Signs Your Office Can Benefit From Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious offence. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable, but sometimes it is not clear what is and is not acceptable. If you are worried about your employees and are not fully familiar with the anti-harassment policy, training can help clarify the law and the expectations of your company on this sensitive issue.

You can get to know more about sexual harassment training via Sexual harassment prevention training is designed to inform and protect employees from dangerous situations. How do you know whether prevention training can be beneficial to your workplace? You should strongly consider if your company is facing one of the following problems:

* You’ve noticed employees making improper or bad comments of a sexist or sexual nature. Sexual harassment training is critical when your employees don’t recognize proper workplace boundaries. With special training, workers are clearly taught the dos and don’ts of workplace interactions in order to provide everyone with a safe and comfortable work environment.

* You’ve heard employees complaining of an uncomfortable work environment. When workers are not comfortable where they are working, it shows in their productivity. Prevention training can help employees feel respected and safe in the workplace.

* Employees don’t realize sexual harassment can constitute a number of behaviours. Harassment is not always flashy as touching or inappropriate remarks. Sexual harassment can take the form of pregnancy discrimination or other types of discrimination based on gender.

* Employees do not understand that it hurts and affects everyone. When it comes to sexual harassment, the victim is not the only person harmed by the action. Sexual harassment training will help workers understand how productivity is greatly reduced for everyone when they are forced to work in an environment that is uncomfortable and unsafe.