Know About Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry is the science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through the process of recording, measuring and interpreting photographic images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery and other phenomena.

There is software such as photogrammetry software that forensic scientists use to get accurate data in the crime scene investigation. Hover over this website  to know more about photogrammetry software. Forensic Photogrammetry Software with the ability to produce an accurate bio-metric measurement of a suspect’s dimensions (e.g. height), and crime scene measurements from surveillance video and photographs.


Examples of media that can be used for photogrammetric analysis:



Broadcast news coverage

Stationary surveillance systems installed in buildings

Mobile surveillance systems installed in emergency vehicles, trains, buses, etc.

The benefits of using Photogrammetry for Forensic analysis include:

  • The calculation of measurements can be completed for many different types of investigations.
  • Measurements taken from pictures result in the non-intrusive activity of crime and accident scenes.
  • DCM can use photos from multiple parties, including bystanders, media, etc… All photos can be processed to provide some level of information to support the investigation.
  • Photogrammetry allows investigators the opportunity to review evidence at a later date should it be necessary, through the photographs (after the scene has long since been cleared). Investigators could return to the evidence years after an incident with photographs.