How Yeast Supplements Promotes Rumen Function

Yeast cattle feed supplements operate by helping the work of the digestive bacteria. They can do it in various ways. One method often claimed for live yeast supplementation is the scouring of oxygen that can help promote anaerobic conditions in the rumen that will aid the growth and activity of beneficial rumen bacteria that drive forage digestion.

Another yeast supplement  mechanism would be to stimulate the growth and action of forage digesting microbiota through prebiotic bioactive. 

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A prebiotic approach is different in the live probiotic method of supplementation. It can be convenient as storage, incorporation into feed, and processing using heat like pelleting or extrusion is no issue.

The stimulatory influence on rumen microbiota isn't associated with oxygen scavenging from the yeast but instead the triggering of improved bacterial action through the bioactive for example ß-glucans and mannan-oligosaccharides. 

This well-established prebiotics comes in the cell wall of yeasts. There's also evidence that these very same bioactives may also decrease pathogen binding on the gut epithelium and possibly reduce inflammatory reactions from ruminants.

A standardized autolytic degradation of the yeast cell content offers functional elements like the ß-glucans and mannan-oligosaccharide cell wall substances, ribonucleic acid (RNA), nucleotides, amino acids and peptides in a pre-digested form. 

These bioactive elements act as nutrients for valuable anaerobic rumen germs such as fiber and nutrients that digest bacteria. In addition to stimulating lactate-using bacteria that digest forest-driving ruminants, thereby helps prevent acidic rumen conditions such as subacute rumen acidosis.