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What Is Buffalo Grass?

Green grass and low maintenance in dry environments is something that most homeowners and businesses want, that is why many people turn to buffalo grass as the ideal ground cover.

Derived from the Great Grasslands between Mexico and Montana, buffalo grass gets its name from a large herd of buffalo, which is the food ingredient. With the ability to withstand extreme drought and temperature, this grass is perfect in hot and arid states. To get soft leaf buffalo grass you can visit

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Buffalo grass is an attractive and soft grass that blooms in a low humidity environment. It ranges in color from green to cyan but may turn yellow during snowy winters. As a long-lasting perennial plant, it is expected to return to the lush green surface once the snow is clean.

This adaptation makes lawns very good even in northern countries with harsher winters.

Various types of soil will support buffalo grass, from well-dried clay to rocky limestone. This grass prefers about one inch of water per week to optimal green. Occasional cuts are needed for a uniform appearance with the desired height of about three inches.

If left in a natural state, the grass will only reach a maximum height of between eight and ten inches, making it good for properties that are too large to even cut occasionally.