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Home Based Teeth Whitening Solutions

Home-based users basically use the same product, only teeth whitening products that can be accessed by home users who have lower oxidation concentrations. Here are some tips for teeth whitening solutions. 

1. Toothpaste. Any toothpaste only removes surface stains. You can get details about teeth whitening in Honolulu through

2. Bleach strips that have been covered with 6% hydrogen peroxide bleach (Classic) are dedicated to being applied for 14 days (total 56 strips, 28 uppers and 28 lower). Covered strips with 10% bleach (Premium and Premium Plus) are dedicated for a 7-day treatment period (a total of 28 strips, 14 uppers and 14 lower).

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The whitening strip is a piece of thin, adjustable plastic that is applied directly to the teeth. After a specified period of time, usually 30 minutes usually once or twice a day, the strip is removed from the teeth.

Bleach strips are not as cheap as people think because you have to buy several packages of bleach strips if you want to get great results. It will also take almost an hour of your time to use bleach strips every day.

3. The teeth whitening tray is another method for whitening your teeth so that it becomes whiter and "natural". This method often takes a few days to see results, and a good brand must be enamel safe so it doesn't damage your teeth. Teeth whitening trays are generally safe, but there are some cautions you need to take.