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Interesting Facts about Fiji


Fiji was a part of South Pacific Islands in the earlier days and today, it has become a docking station for many tourists. Fiji has transformed itself into something magical that offers some of the finest things to experience in the world. From young generation to friends and family members, everyone is bound to have a great time in Fiji. Let’s focus on some of the interesting facts about Fiji.

  • Bula – Very often you will be hearing this world in Fiji. Bula is a local word where Fijians use to greet each other as well as with tourists. Make sure you say the work with the help of soft voice and tone while speaking to the locals.
  • The People – Fijians are known to be one of the best and nicest people in the world. The locals love to interact with the tourists along with invite them to their village. In fact, the hospitality service is something you will be blown away with while visiting their houses.
  • The Islands –Fiji is home to over 300 tiny islands. VitiLevu is the main island of Fiji and also a location flocked with tourists.
  • The Language – Fijian, Hindustani and English are the 3 main languages of Fiji. As a tourist, do not make fun of them as you strike a conversation with the locals.
  • The Drink – The national dish of Fiji is Kava where the locals consume on a daily basis to cure various diseases and offer health benefits.

With these interesting facts, make sure you enjoy in some of the best and finest Fiji private island resorts.