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Know More about a Glass Fusing Kiln

Glass fusing kiln is very important if you are a jeweller. This helps you to combine several pieces of glass and make your work easier. Glass kilns are available in various sizes and shapes. You can freely choose between small, medium and large kilns.

• Small glass stoves – this type of oven is cheap because of its small size. This is very practical for leisure jewellery.

• Medium glass kilns – this type of kiln allows you to the smelter. The room is large and you only need to plug it in.

• Large glass kilns – this type of kiln are used for making large glass pieces. It requires sufficient electricity supply and large storage space. You must buy this kiln if you are doing large-scale glass smelting.

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Buy a pyrometer – you can't do glass fusing without a pyrometer. This is a gadget used to measure the furnace interior temperature. This tells you how hot the air is in the kiln. A pyrometer does not measure the temperature of the glass.

Windows kiln – if you don't have a gadget like a pyrometer to ensure how heat changes your glass, buy a kiln with a window. You can always open the window and look inside.