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Energy-Saving Tips For Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are an enjoyable and relaxing addition to any home. They also consume varying levels of power throughout the day.

Owners are able to take action to reduce the amount of power that is being consumed. There are some tips that will help to make any hot tub more efficient whether it's one of the large Hot Spot spas in Durham or one of the more compact Elemental spas.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Even a single degree consumes extra power to keep the water warm. A spa that has a numerical thermostat should have the temperature set to 102 degrees. This is the temperature that is most recommended for adults sitting in the water. Lower settings might feel cold and warmer temperatures will cause the heating system to work harder than necessary to keep the water warm.

Many cities charge more for electricity during peak usage hours. These hours are generally in the mornings and then in the evening, at the end of normal business hours. It is helpful to set the spa to the lowest possible level during these periods to help save energy. This is easy to do if the spa has a timer attached.

A hot tub will become very inefficient if the parts start to wear out because of age or use. It is best to replace the pump, circuit board or heating unit whenever problems start to occur. This is also a simple way to extend the life of other properly functioning parts.